A little about us!

The Small Bird Workshop was born when Catherine, propriestress, was trying to find a knitting pattern. She knew what she wanted in her head, but couldn’t find it on Ravelry, so she decided to write up her own. That began a journey into all aspects of the fibre arts: knitting, designing patterns, spinning, weaving, hand processing fibre, and dyeing (she still can’t crochet, but she’s trying..). She began dyeing her own yarn just for fun, and discovered she loved playing with colour. Around the same time, she visited the local fall fair, where she learned that many of the local shepherds either burned their fleece or sent it to the landfill. That set Catherine off on a quest to create jobs for wool, and in particular, local and rare breed wool. As her business grows, she hopes to offer more local and rare breed yarn for knitters and weavers, as well as local and rare breed fibre for spinners.

Joining Catherine on this adventure is Mikel, the kilted one. Mikel is very new to the fibre arts, but is keen to learn. He’s the one who handles the financial aspects of the business, and is the person to talk to about if you have questions about Unicorn Fibre Wash products.

Catherine and Mikel make their home in Nanaimo, BC, and share it with their three rescue cats, all of whom make frequent appearances on Catherine’s Instagram account. When they aren’t working in the workshop, Catherine and Mikel walk half-marathons, hike, snowshoe, and garden. If they weren’t doing what they’re doing, they would be hobbits.

Privacy, Inclusivity, and Environmental Policies:

The Small Bird Workshop takes your privacy seriously. Any information given to the Small Bird Workshop (such as your name, address, or email address) will never be provided or sold to any other outside company.

The Small Bird Workshop respects customers of all genders, orientations, races, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, abilities, and differences. All are welcome here!

The Small Bird Workshop aims to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Our dyes either conform to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) standards or are washfast at high temperatures, which means they do not leach chemicals into the environment. We strive to keep water usage to a minimum and while we do carry superwash yarns, we attempt to source superwash yarns that are treated in environmentally sound manners whenever possible (for example, using the GOTS-approved Schoeller method). While some of our yarns do contain nylon for strength, we aim to use natural fibres as often as possible. Whenever possible, we source yarns from regions that do not practice mulesing. Should any of these issues be a concern, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. We're happy to provide information about the source and milling techniques used in our yarns.

Thank you for your business.